• Location-based Behavior Intelligence

    Leverage mobile location data to optimize your decision-making

  • Helping organizations to understand

    the behavior of mobile users

    A European leader in providing mobile location data analytics and delivering businesses with actionable insights on user behavior in the offline world.


    Our proprietary SDK and partnerships with app publishers allow us to license high-quality, GDPR-compliant mobile location data at scale.

  • Solutions for



    Verify the geo-targeting used on your media campaigns


    Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in driving

    in-store foot traffic


    Segment users and qualify audiences


    Build your own custom audience segments



    Enhance your user knowledge and understand their behavior in real-time


    Detect new potential clients


    Anticipate your client's life events

    Financial Services


    Get access to ultra granular location data at scale


    Obtain a stable and reliable data panel


    Acquire accurate polygon-based data sourcing

    Publishers & App Developers


    Become GDPR-compliant in a click


    Access custom audiences


    Anticipate user behavior

  • Our Products

    Raw Location Data

    at Scale

    Structured data that is ready to be directly ingested in different formats. The data is used to understand crowd behavior, to conduct market research, and for trend analysis.

    Location data

    tied to Points of Interest

    Tying mobile location to any desired commercial locations & spaces to get a better understand the movement of mobile users within to the POI.

    Footfall Measurement


    Used to measure the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns in generating the desired foot traffic to your POIs. Get a better picture of your user's persona and journey.

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