• Location data at scale

    and behaviours prediction in the real life

  • Knowledge is power!


    Predicio is the first GDPR-compliant platform providing you with the tools to understand mobile user behaviours in the real world

  • Location

    We provide ultra precise mobile location data to measure offline results of products, services, or media campaigns


    • Analyze in-store/ point of interest (POI) traffic

    • Check geo targeting used for your media campaigns


    Discover audiences and mobile users profiles


    • Qualify your audience using our proprietary algorithms

    • Segment your users based on their location, habits and apps usage

    • Extend your reach using similar profiles

    Science & Prediction

    Analyse user behaviours to predict life events


    • Build on-demand algorithms

    • Anticipate behaviours and trigger event-based actions

  • We're innovating to help organizations better understand mobile users

  • Solutions for:


    • Enhance your users knowledge and understand behaviours in real time
    • Detect new potential clients
    • Predict your clients life events 

    Financial Industry and Investors

    Get access to ultra granular location data at scale


    • Double check geo-targeting used on your media campaigns
    • Measure their effectiveness and offline traffic
    • Segment users and qualify audiences
    • Build your own segments

    Publishers/ Apps

    • Become GDPR-compliant in a clic
    • Access custom audiences
    • Anticipate users behaviours
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